What's New in OB

What's New in OB

Prenatal Care Basics

Prenatal Complications


A pregnant woman in white dress standing on path.

Ashley Gray | March 8, 2018 If you’re having cramps a week

A man sitting on the ground with his arm around another person.

The rate of maternal mortality in the United States, already higher than in other

A woman and child playing with toys on the floor.

Slayton delivered baby Seth with no complications, but in the days and weeks

A woman holding her stomach in front of her belly.

If you live in Louisiana, less pregnant women are dying because of improved

A woman holding two fake breasts in her lap.

At around 25 weeks pregnant with her first child, a 21-year-old Hispanic

A pregnant woman sitting on the bed in her underwear.

Women with previous history of Gestational Diabetes should space pregnancies by more

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