Pregnant woman getting an ultrasound.

An Emory University study has validated an FDA-approved test that can help

A woman in lab coat and goggles looking at an object.

If you do shift work, and many of us do, a new

A woman in front of an american flag and the white house maternal health logo.

Maternal death continues to be a problem but it’s nice to know

A woman in glasses and white lab coat.

Dr. Linda Burke created this video after Dr. Chaniece Wallace’s death and

A woman is getting her arm examined by an expert.

In this episode of “Ask An Expert”, Dr. Linda Burke, Ob/Gyn and

A woman in glasses and pink jacket sitting on the floor.

Sixteen year old Erica Byrom’s refusal to have a C-Section, despite having

A book cover with the title of downton abbey and preeclampsia.

Can camera phones help diagnose preeclampsia? The answer is a resounding, YES!!

A woman in glasses and a yellow shirt is talking

Each one of us has a calling to do something extraordinary if

A woman standing in front of some pictures

  A Teachable Moment | The untimely death of Chadwick Boseman inspired

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