The $100,000 U.S. Birth Certificate

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While 800,000 federal workers were kept hostage for over 30 days missing two pay checks because of a wall intended to keep brown people from entering the United States, pregnant women from the world’s third largest country crossed the Pacific, paid travel agents $100,000 for a travel visa and were instructed to tell Immigration officers they were staying at a Trump Hotel to improve their chances of successful entry into the U.S.

It’s a multimillion-dollar industry called “birth tourismâ€Â run by Chinese travel agents who boast a “success†record of 8,000 babies born in the US who are now U.S. citizens. According to the LA times, the owner of one of these lucrative tourist companies was able to purchase a 2.1 million-dollar home in cash in addition to purchasing a $118,000 Mercedes Benz.  A conservative think tank group estimates that over 30,000 of these births have occurred.

So, can we talk about hypocrisy for a minute?

The parents of the so-called “anchor babies†do not return to their country of original after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in designer stores as they await the birth of their child. They don’t have children who will show up 18 years later, on North American shores demanding full benefits of U.S. citizenship although their parents contributed nothing to the US economy. The parents of the so-called “anchor babies†come to the U.S. seeking a better life. They work on farms, menial jobs and their children grow up to be productive, tax paying citizens.

The owners of the birth tourism companies were indicted on federal criminal charges but fled to China, although some are U.S. citizens.  Will we ever see them again?  I doubt it. Will we ever see those babies 18 years later? You can count on it.



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