What Can Healthcare Professionals Learn From Doulas?

While some significant employers now offer doula coverage, including Walmart and Microsoft,

How Does Pregnancy Affect the Heart Poster Image

American Heart Month brings awareness about our heart health, especially for pregnant

Pregnant holidays poster holding an ornament in pink color

Traveling during the holiday season can be stressful but here are some

A clock with the words " let 's count !" on it.

When discussing Patient Safety Day, we’re not just discussing a date on

A group of doctors with the words " we are physicians !"

  Taking care of patients is not a business transaction. Kudos to

A woman hugging another woman with text that reads " the death of tori bowie, pregnancy & social determinants of health ".

Let me put it right out there. I am the daughter of

A person laying in bed with an orange blanket.

On May 24, 2023, Tina Turner’s death was announced at the age

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Every time I write one of these posts, it breaks my heart,