She Was a Physician but She Still Died

A pregnant woman in a black dress and the words " she was a doctor but she still died ".


  These are the painful words of Anthony Wallace lamenting the death of his beautiful wife of five years, Dr. Chaniece Wallace.

Like Amber Rose, Kia Dixon Johnson, and Sha-Asia Washington, Dr. Wallace died on October 20, 2020, due to complications from pregnancy. Also, like Washington and Rose, she specifically died from preeclampsia-related issues.

The words of her husband still haunt me:

“She did not express concerns about her care. She and I spoke openly about the Disproportionate disparity of black women and childbirth all the time. I told her I wanted her to have a black OBGYN, but she said she would be fine because she is a doctor and [sic]  felt confident in the care she was receiving.

She was always reading the latest articles of childbirth and childbirth in black women. So much so that she did begin to express anxiety of the process itself. After every appointment, I would ask her, “Baby are you ok? How are you feeling? What did the doctors say? How’s our pregnancy going? How is Charlotte doing?†And she would tell me everything is going well. And because of Corvid not allowing me to attend appointments, I played right into the system and accepted her word that everything was ok because she is a strong black woman.

Dr. Wallace was working until the time of her untimely death. Pregnant at 36 weeks with her first baby and in the middle of a runaway pandemic. She was also an organ donor.

Before her death, she delivered a baby girl via C-Section, name Charlotte Azalea Wallace. Did you know that azaleas are the official flower of Alabama, her home state?

Baby Charlotte was born four weeks early and is receiving intensive care. Mr. Wallace has established a Go Fund ME account to help Baby Charlotte, and I encourage your support.

Please remember her name, Dr. Chaniece Wallace, a mother, a physician, a loving wife, and my sweet soror.

Anthony Wallace bears no blame for his wife’s untimely death. She trusted her beloved healthcare community, and they failed her horrifically.

Have you had enough of this madness? Then please join the #wehavehadenuf†movement to prevent this tragedy from happening again.


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