It’s Really a Scary Time to be a Pregnant Woman in Idaho

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Here’s what’s going on in the pregnancy space in Idaho:
Infant mortality rates in Idaho have increased by 18% from 2019 to 2021.
Maternal mortality rates in Idaho have increased by 121% during the same period.
1 in 5 pregnant women in Idaho did not receive prenatal care in their first trimester in 2022.
Idaho’s Medicaid program only covers two months of postpartum care, while most states provide care for up to a year.

The rising rates of infant and maternal mortality in Idaho are a cause for serious concern. Pregnant women in the state face challenges such as inadequate prenatal care and limited postpartum support. The discontinuation of the maternal mortality review committee, which played a crucial role in data collection and improving healthcare systems, further exacerbates these challenges. Policymakers, healthcare professionals, and communities must collaborate and advocate for measures to address these issues. By prioritizing the well-being of pregnant women, we can aim to reduce preventable tragedies and ensure a safer and healthier environment for mothers and infants in Idaho.

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