Hydroxychloroquine is not a Magic Bullet – Especially for Expectant Mothers

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Before everyone stampedes to their local or wholesale pharmacy to purchase Hydrochloroquine in hopes of preventing COVID-19, please hit pause. A scientific journal states that the SAFETY and EFFECTIVENESS of this drug have yet to be proven safe, and further clinical trials are needed.

 Are there studies that demonstrate the safety of Hydrochloroquine for unborn babies? – No, however, there is at least one incident where a COVID-19+ pregnant woman who was less than term, was given this medication as treatment.

Does Hydroqchloroquine have dangerous side effects? – Yes!  In a scientific study involving 138 patients with COVID, 17% had irregular heartbeats, and 44% had heart problems in the intensive care unit. Many patients taking this drug also complained of heart palpitations.

Are other medications used to treat COVID? Yes. There are FDA approved drugs as well as high-dose Vitamin C.  Some New York City hospitals are using high-dose vitamin C and hydroxychloroquine, which is similar to the protocol used in Wuhan, China.  However, remember, these patients were NOT pregnant.

All expectant mothers are encouraged to discuss the use of hydroxychloroquine with their healthcare professional before going into labor as well as taking vitamins C and D to boost their immune systems.

There are other ways besides taking drugs to reduce the spread of COVOD. Social distancing saves lives, so let’s keep it going and flatten the curve.



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