Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

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Do you know that undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, and improper management of gestational diabetes during pregnancy can put your unborn baby at risk for stillbirth, complicated vaginal deliveries (shoulder dystocia) and birth defects?
Dr. Linda explains how pregnant women should be tested to see if they have gestational diabetes and what tests should be avoided.

7 Most Common Mistakes in Managing Gestation Diabetes 

  1. Not screening for DM at the proper time between 24 – 28 weeks
  2. Not referring patient to an MD, only a nutritionist
  3. Not closely monitoring for glucose control, pt diary
  4. Misreading the glucose panel, ignoring the fasting
  5. Not drawing the HbA1c at the proper time
  6. Not scheduling nonstress tests
  7. Not anticipating possible shoulder dystocia and obtaining timely U/S


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