Eight Things Pregnant Women Can Do In Lieu of Actively Protesting

A group of police officers kneeling on steps.

Every storm has moments of calm, so let that calm begin with you and your unborn child. Although you are witnessing unprecedented moments of history and civil discontent, please pause before engaging in active protest. “Peaceful†protests sometimes turn violent and you could inevitably sustain physical harm.

If you want to invoke your constitutional right to express dissent, please do so but without placing yourself or baby in harm’s way.

Listed below are some suggestions to achieve that goal:



  1. Have honest and thoughtful “difficult conversations†with people who don’t look like you about race and privilege
  2. Sponsor a virtual forum speaking to law enforcement officers in your community about implicit bias, fear and community resp
  3. Food is nurturing. Learn how to cook a popular dish from another culture
  4. Commit to teaching tolerance and acceptance to your children
  5. Examine your own implicit bias (aka stereotypes) and commit to changing what needs to be fixed
  6. Turn off the TV and pull back from social media forums when the images and/or messaging
  7. Plant a flower or start a garden in memory of victims of hatred
  8. Pray, meditate, and visualize healing energy in our country and global community.


A pregnant woman with four different types of drugs on her belly.

Remember that all life is sacred, especially the one that resides within your wombMLK once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.†So, don’t stop protesting if that what your heart tells you to do, but do it wisely and safely.

A pregnant woman with four different types of drugs on her belly.


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