Can This Urine Test Save Lives In Pregnant Women?

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You all know that I am passionate about the accurate diagnosis and treatment of preeclampsia so you can imagine how excited I am about “Congo Red.â€

 According to an article in USA Today, researchers have created a test called “The Congo Red Dot†(CRD) test that can potentially save lives by detecting preeclampsia earlier in pregnant women.der text

The article cites the study’s author as stating, “Our findings will have a huge impact on the health of women and children,” said Dr. Kara Rood, lead study author and maternal-fetal medicine physician at the Wexner center in a news release. “The challenge is that it’s a progressive disease and not everyone progresses at the same time. Some women can have the disease for weeks before having symptoms, whereas other women can progress to a dangerous level within days.â€

See the findings in Lancet’s E-Clinical Medicine here - .

While the test still has at least 2 years before it might be available, the good news is that there are researchers working hard to identify preeclampsia early.  Just thinking about the number of lives that will be saved gives me goosebumps.

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